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Top 2 Indian Crime Suspense Thriller Tamil Movies on aha

There are many people who like watching crime movies as there is a certain level of suspense and thrill in such movies. If you are a fan of watching Tamil crime movies, you must know more about the latest crime movies.

You can watch Tamil movies such as Ayngaran, Maha, Rendagam and many other movies on a top OTT site. In this specific guide, you will learn more about the latest Tamil movies you can watch on weekends to spend your time.

Top Two Indian Tamil Crime Movies

The top two Indian Tamil crime movies that you can choose to watch are as follows:

  • Ayngaran

This is a 2022 Tamil thriller/action/crime movie where G.V. Prakash Kumar plays the lead role. This is one of the top Tamil movies of 2022, and the director is Ravi Arasu. The other cast includes Mahima Nambiar, Kaali Venkat, Siddhartha Shankar and many more. The story is about a young investor finding it hard to get patents for his inventions; later, he looks to save the public from a meat and burglar racket.

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  • Maha

You can consider this movie one of the most exciting Tamil crime movies. The director of this crime movie is U R Jameel, and the cast includes Hansika Motwani, Sanam Shetty, Sujith Shankar, Nanditha Jennifer, STR and many more. The movie is about an air hostess who loses her husband at the beginning and is only left with her baby girl. Later, the baby girl is kidnapped and brutally murdered by a psycho killer, and the rest of the story revolves around how the mother and the police hunt the serial killer.

A Bonus Tamil Crime Movie You Can Choose to Watch

Another Tamil movie that you can watch of this genre is Rendagam. It is a 2022 Tamil crime movie directed by Fellini T.P. The cast of this Tamil movie includes Kunchacko Boban, Arvind Swamy, Esha Rebba and many more. The story revolves around a jobless person looking to make easy money, and soon the guy ends up helping an unknown gang to help extract important intel from an underworld don.

Catch the Latest Tamil Crime Movies on aha

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